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3D Castings

Capture your baby’s tiny hands and feet forever with a stunning 3D cast which highlight every crease, line and wrinkle. It only takes a few moments to take a mould of your baby's hand or foot.  During this time your baby is free to wriggle their fingers and toes and will happily sit on your lap or even be fed! All the materials used to create the castings are non-toxic, biodegradable and suitable to be used from birth.

Due to the delicate nature of this product, it’s currently not possible to post out finished items.  As a result this product is only available to those who are able to collect directly from the Sticky Prints studio in Filby, Norfolk.

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Mounted Casting

A single 3D hand or foot cast mounted on a solid wood plaque.

Price: £50.00

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Framed Castings

3D castings mounted in a solid wood frame

Price: £125.00

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